DCV fail 4 certif in Zone. How 2 find certificate / Zone /domain

The messages and notifications from cloudflare are often silly vague. Take this that I received yesterday:

“Domain Control Validation (DCV) has failed for the certificate with the ID 59bc67a5-7396-442c-a675-c6352c5432db belonging to Zone ID 73d8ab8c9ca547286eb18212e704c239. The DCV method is currently set to txt.”

How do I find out which certificate this is?

Does Cloudflare know which which domain this Zone ID is under or not? Why not share the domain under which the Zone ID 73d8ab8c9ca547286eb18212e704c239 is ?

I know where to locate the Zone ID under a domain. But I have 34 domains with CF… Should I go manually searching each and everyone of those 34 for the zone id 73d8ab8c9ca547286eb18212e704c239 ?

Testing using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center is useless here as you have to specify the domain first

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