DCMA stranger things ;-)

Dear friends,

My personal photos and stories have been cloned from a cancelled domain and are still online. I want it to be taken down.

First to make clear what I am looking for: removal of my personal website, I do not want the domain back, nor do I need access to the website.

Being Sherlock Holmes, or Hercule Poirot would have been great fun, I do now understand :wink:
Here’s the facts about the case at hand:

  • I owned a domain and hosting since 2002
  • the registrar and host where Godaddy.com
  • the domain was cancelled in 2022, the hosting stopped because of non-payment
  • Godaddy sold the domain to a registrant at internet.bs immediately in 2022
  • Somehow, Godaddy gave the new registrant access to the webhosting account as well
  • This new registrant cloned my personal website (programmed myself with PHP and MySQL in 2002) into static HTML files,
  • Removed the propietry CMS and database, which I only had access to,
  • Put the whole website online as static HTML files

The website is not used for anything, just to keep my personal travelogues and photographs alive. My face from 22 years ago is there to be seen, as a sort of history book.

What I know so far:

  • Godaddy sold everything
  • Godaddy has no idea how the new owner got access to the content
  • I assume the new owner used a scraper to clone the Godaddy content before transferring the domain, without actually needing the hosting-account
  • The new registrar is BSCore, internet.bs
  • The website is not hosted at BSCore
  • Nameservers point at Cloudflare

So far, I’ve file DCMA take-down requests with Google, Godaddy, Cloudflare and BSCore, tried to send the registrant DCMA warnings and had a lengthy call with Godaddy (Addi gave some great support!)
All to no avail.

Cloudflare is the last straw I’ve got to get the site taken down, what steps do I need to take? (DCMA complaints… nah, they didn’t work… )

Who wants to be my “John Watson” while I Sherlock Holmes my way around this mistery?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

I am sorry to laern of your struggle. You certainly have an uphill battle with a long and expensive road between you and your desired outcome.

This is highly unlikely. GoDaddy would only have had your domain registration available to sell. As you already stated, the site content is all static HTML now, the same as would be available from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine or any other archive service.

If you have filed DMCA takedown requests, your work is done. You could always hire an IP lawyer to purse the matter further. That method is not something the Cloudflare Community can assist with and you appear to have already done everything else that we could recommend.

Thanks for your reply, @epic.network !

DCMA is slowly progressing. Google approved the removal from the SE this week. I wish there was a way to encourage cCloudflare to take action, it’s been eerily quiet since filing the report :wink:
All good things take time, I’ll have to sit this one out I guess…


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