Dc entry causing duplicate content

My website is present on Google SERPs via an automatic cloudflare entry (dc-ecdbb6dcxxxx) and that create a duplicate content with my “real” address. How to fix it ?

Exemple :

related ticket #2222605

There are a few things you can do to resolve this.

The automatic hostnames with that convention are typically created because your MX record is pointing to a hostname that is :orange:, and as Cloudflare does not deal with email protocols the dc- record is created to ensure your email does not stop. So fixing the MX problem will remove the dc- hostname, but actually will not solve the issue.

Your web server appears to respond to any hostname with the same content. This is generally seen as a bad practice. The solution will be different depending on your web server, but usually involves creating a default virtual host which responds with a 301 or 404 status code.

You should also firewall your web server so that only Cloudflare can talk to your server on port 443 (and perhaps 80, depending on your setup).


the “dc-ecdbb6dcxxxx.website.com” URL doesn’t work but, I don’t know why, Google brings up this address.

How can I fix MX record if I want to use cloudflare, it’s the goal to :orange: my website. Maybe a distant MX ?
Maybe I can create a 301 redirection from dc-ecdbb6dcxxxx to my website. But i don’t if this entry is dynamic neither the impact of this redirection on cloudflare

Create a DNS A record for your mail server, make sure it is :grey:, and point your MX record at that record.

If the URL does not work, what are you seeing in Google?


There is any other way to keep hided the server IP instead of a :grey: A record ?

Exemple on google : Screenshot by Lightshot

Cloudflare will not handle email protocols, so the record for mail.offshore-cloud.com needs to be :grey:. The solution is not to host email and websites on the same IP address.

You can use the Google Search removals tool to remove old content.

Right now, I can see that your origin gives the same content regardless of the url, so www and mail both show the same content. This is not a good setup, and I previously commented on ways to resolve that.

Thanks, i’ll change it

Maybe you can help me with another issue. Some customers have their content available on my nameserver. Ex : Screenshot by Lightshot

CF Config :Screenshot by Lightshot

I changed the mail entry but it still the same. “Mail.” is available with the same content.

fixed for mail entry with this KB The Mail Subdomain is an Exact Replica of the Main Site- SEO Concerns and Removal via cPanel [KnownHost Wiki]

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