(Day 5 of full scale attack) Rate limit is breaking all the graphics on website


My sites been getting DDOsed to the ground for 5 days straight. I had a day of relief yesterday as I blocked every country except the United States which seems to have stopped the DDOS attack. Now as of today the hacker smartened up and acquired a bontnet that is immanent United States IP’s. On the verge of giving up and letting him win but without the concept of blocking every country in the world I’m out of ideas. Attack mode enabled, DDOS mode enabled. Still being taken offline completely.

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago I implemented “rate limit” and it has stopped the attack but has turned almost every image on my site into a broken image (won’t load). I know this is because of the rate limit rules because rate limiting was the first thing I attempted at the start of the attack and noticed when it’s implimented the images don’t load.

How can I fix this issue? Do I get another VDS for just the images? Do I allow list the IP? Is there absolutley a shred of hope for my website at all?


Duplicated https://community.cloudflare.com/t/site-being-ddosed-offline-for-a-week-with-cloudflare-attack-mode-enabled-options/642205?u=sjr

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Not duplicated, I’m asking two different things. Please read