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I need help with connecting heroku dns target for both @ and www. I have always wanted to point to www.davidayo.com so I need assist in ssl also from cloudflare for both. That way the site is secure for visitors.


Does this help?


no… it doesnt… why are you sending blog that i already know… the ssl is not secure for my website. Read it well i said ssl. which one is best to make it secure and open fast/easily

What errors are you getting?

Which options are you referring too?

i dont even know… ever since i migrated from namecheap to cloudflare , my site has been acting slow to open. I have a updated ssl from namecheap which i was using in heroku since heroku is my hosting server. my concern is how can i generate a stable ssl or use the updated ssl i have on cloudflare and what options do i use under SSL/TLS?

The universal certificate that Cloudflare has is only for the edge (users to cloudflare) you are still responsible for SSL on your service so Cloudflare can connect to your service via HTTPS.

If you pause Cloudflare on your domain is it faster?

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