Datacenter to local country

I live in Brazil and would like to use a datacenter here, by subscribing to the Pro plan, is it possible for users in Brazil to only access datacenters in Brazil?

Hello, no, you can’t control this, but you can get better peering for your customers with a paid plan. Since Cloudflare is using an anycast network, it’s the visitor’s ISP is the one who decides which Cloudflare server will serve the content to the visitor.

What you can do is visit the webpage to test with your current ISP, which Cloudflare server would serve the content for you with a given Plan. Please note that this isn’t an official Cloudflare page. You might see multiple datacenter in a given category, that is because the Cloudflare plan for a site is an educated guess. In that case ignore the datacenter with the less results in that category.

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