Database of all possible geo-location markers that can be returned in Cloudflare headers

I’m working on idea for AI-generated art (nothing to do with Tallyfy right now)!

To make the MVP work - I need every location, every city, every state and every country that a geo-marker can possibly generate. I’m referring to all possible values you can get from this header:

Ideally - that would be country and city, to start with.

I know Cloudflare gets their data from Maxmind, but ultimately is this the open source list of everything?

Nothing urgent, this is just for kicks and lols right now - but it might become interesting pretty quickly if it works, for personalization.

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By default you only have the country. With Workers you’d also have access to sub-divisions

and you should be probably able to add this with rules to the request header as well

Of course, only the country will be reliable, everything else may be very random.

Thanks for this ^ however I was looking for a complete listing of all possible country, city and similar values.

You actually posted this yourself already -

It’s the ISO 3166 codes throughout. Cities will be presumably the English name, wherever available.

But again, apart from the codes, consider everything as optional, arbitrary text field.

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