Data Transfer costs


I am trying to find an official place in the Cloudflare website where it explains exactly how much the Data Transfer costs.

Unfortunately, AWS charges way too much for Data Transfer Out, so I’m looking at Cloudflare as an alternative.

Just for photos, we send over 25TB per month of data transfer out.

I’d like to know exactly how much it would cost me, if I had Cloudflare serving these 25TB.
Is this possible in a FREE account?
Anything I need to know before I switch to Cloudflare?

Thank you very much.

It also depends on how much of it is cached by Cloudflare. Cloudflare doesn’t host data. You may have to look into the Bandwith Alliance to find a host who’s in on this.

Thank you. I was looking into that page, but I honestly couldn’t understand what that means.

My contents are hosted on AWS. Does this mean I have to be in one of those in the list (e.g. DigitalOcean) to be able to have a discount on the bandwidth?
That’s where my confusion is.

All I want is to not have to pay $2000+ for data transfer out in AWS. That’s way too much, and you don’t pay anything up to 100TB if you are on Namecheap or Hostgator, for example…

It also depends on how much of it is cached by Cloudflare.

Is there a limit on how much data Cloudflare can cache at the same time?

Since AWS isn’t in Bandwidth Alliance, anything that’s not cached by Cloudflare is going to cost.

As far as what’s in Cloudflare cache, you’ll need to contact Cloudflare. ToS limits what you can use Cloudflare for. And cache eviction depends on different situations, such as how often that content is hit, and how big it is.

These questions, at the volume you’re talking about, is best left to Sales. Their number is on Cloudflare’s homepage.

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