Data Storage

Hi, I am considering using Cloudflare and have been thinking about what data Cloudflare would store about my end-users. Hopefully someone can help?

I’ve seen some info in the docs:

This seems to suggest that there is quite a lot of request meta-data stored about end-users and I was wondering if this is an exhaustive list? Are things like API keys stored from the Authorization header for example?

I can’t see anything much mentioned in the docs about request-body data? Does Cloudflare store request-body data? For example form-submission data including card-payment info etc. If so how does Cloudflare store it? Is meta-data is stored alongside the body data?

I was also wondering what controls are in place that govern internal access to this data? For example is there access control to databases and are database queries made by employees stored? If not would this mean that Cloudflare employees have the ability to query the request data of arbitrary individuals without it being recorded?

Some of the information I process could be considered quite sensitive and so any guidance on the above would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

A response on the storage of request-body data would be of most help for my particular use-case if there’s anyone that could help? Is there anywhere in the docs that describes what Cloudflare does with request-body data?

Policies are here…

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I can’t see anything in the policies about the collection of request-body data (I am most interested in this), and its difficult to tell whether the privacy policy implies that Cloudflare has controls around the logging of employee queries against sensitive databases. Is there any way you could get an answer on that specifically?