Data stopped showing at midnight last night -in analytics, firewall and web analytics. some sites, not all

See images. At mid-night is stopped showing data. The site is working, orders coming in and the caching appears to work. Page rules seem to be working. I cannot tell if the firewall or rate limiting is working.

Did not affect all of my sites, just a few. 12am 9/11/21. (i haven’t made changes in awhile and certainly not at midnight on a Friday night)

Did this ever clear up?

No. Appears it is not actually analytics, but all of Cloudflare. They are bypassing data on my site. Still have the orange arrows and nothing changed. 2 of my 6 sites on Cloudflare


Check your DNS settings page here and scroll to the bottom. It should show you two name servers that should match a lookup at

Been on cloudflare for almost 9 years across 2 companies. I am registered at godaddy and pointing to Same as it has been for 5 years. (checked that early too) Nothing changed there.

Thesis at this point is that the shopping cart i used also went to cloudflare and CF does not want to cache a CF site. My issue is that I want more aggressive caching, a stricter firewall and rate limiting etc. I should still get that control. Not to mention that i should get a say in whether it changes or not (or at least a sorry note)

It’d have to be the entire store, not just the cart. Best to check with them and see if that’s the case.

when i say ‘cart’ i am referring to the entire website. site is on shift4shop. that’s the ‘cart’ but really the entire hosting platform.

new theory is that speed week is introducing something that caused this

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I see that shift4shop uses Cloudflare for their main site, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled a Shopify and did the same for customer sites as well.

which is fine, except that they should have requested me to turn off the orange cloud and go DNS only. Not sure how i can be bypassed without my permission

Shopify’s transition also got off to a rough start. And hasn’t improved a lot since then, either.