Data Redacted in domain Contact information


I would like help with ‘DATA REDACTED’ on the cloudflare hosted domains. I have the domains hosted on the cloudflare, and the whois Contact information appears masked with ‘DATA REDACTED’. Do you know how I can put my data back publicly?

Thank you in advance for your help


WHOIS redaction is not the same as WHOIS privacy. WHOIS privacy replaces your information with proxy contact information, while redaction removes it altogether.

I am afraid this is not possible through Cloudflare interface (yes, you can always change your WHOIS information, but “enalbe/disable” them for public not) as far as I know (could be I am wrong about it).

May I ask why would you do that?

Furthermore, are you from the EU zone (GDPR)?

Helpful article:

May I ask, do you rather mean you have transfered your domain names to Cloudflare Registrar or something else?


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