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We check many pages that use the services they offer. In some cases, we find that the page returns error 502 or 504 and when updating load successfully. In other cases, we want to remove personal and private content that was posted without permission and when using the form to do so takes time and returns error 524, only when you try to delete the Personal Data. The rest of the web browsing works perfectly.

The point is, in both cases there are published Personal Data, private and that the pages have almost never updated the website in accordance with community rules and it is impossible to contact them. We are especially interested in those pages that the service fails just the moment the form is used to delete the Data, we do not know if it is through the same website or why the service passes through your systems. Can you help? Since it affects millions of people.


I am not quite sure what your question is. Can you rephrase that in one sentence?


Thanks for you answer.

The question is that there are some websites with Personal Information, copyright violation, etc and it been using the cloudflare services like proxy.

The problem is that in those who use a form to request the deletion of such Personal Data error 524 after submitting the request, preventing the deletion from being processed. On other websites the error 502 or 504 sometimes comes out, when reloading the web it looks perfect.

The questions are:

  1. How to fix error 524 to proceed with the deletion of the Data?
  2. How to request the removal of content on the webs that sometimes exits error 502 or 504? In this case, the abuse request was previously made using the cloudflare form. Since on all the websites visited do not have any contact system, or the mail does not respond.

Both cases are affecting a more million of people.


These 500 errors can only be fixed by the site owner. If you need to contact them you would need to find another way.

If there is some legal concern you can also file a complaint at

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Thanks again.

We will send a peticion. I supose that if we send a peticion with all websites it is enough? Or, we should will send for every website?


Again, only file a complaint if there is an actual legal issue with a website otherwise you are wasting their and your time. If there is such an issue you need to file a complaint per website.

But this seems as if you should rather contact the site owner.

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