Data management policy violation setting nameservers


we are setting up 3 websites in the same server and our DNS are managed by GoD***y

Following to setup the nameservers ns1 and ns2 for the first website all went OK.

When setting up for the second website we get this error from GoD***y :

Data management policy violation

Any help is welcome

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I’ve not seen that error message before. What did GD support say?

They say that I cannot use the same IP for 2 different domains - weird

You’re saying you’re on GD with their DNS and hosting, and they won’t let you use the same IP for 2 different domains? You may need to push harder to get them to resolve this.

Yes, but today after 24 hours I got an email from them saying:

“your nameserver has changed”

And after that I was able to setup the second domain and got no error anymore.

For future reference if someone get the same issue …

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