Data Compliant

Hello everyone! I am currently building a new website, however, in my country, new amendments to the privacy laws will be forcing data users (data controllers) to assign a DPO if we collect any personal data, as it is a one-man project, with little to no funding to hire a DPO, I am trying my best to not collect any personal data at all, including for those from my data processor.

From what I found, Cloudflare collect IP address, which is personal data under my country’s privacy laws, may I ask how to use Cloudflare without collecting any IP address? I just want to use Cloudflare DNS, CDN (cache), Always Online™️, hotlink protection and SSL/TLS.

As well as disabling the traffic section, since I suspects if it collect any personal information, such as IP address. I want to keep my site off from collecting any personal information.

A bit about privacy & data protection here,

Good discussion about privacy here

Hi there! It still doesn’t answer my question very well, I want to use Cloudflare, but I do not want Cloudflare to collect any personal information about my users, may I ask on how to use Cloudflare without collecting any data?

Or if I do not want Cloudflare to collect any data about my website visitor, I will only be able to use Cloudflare DNS service, with all domain using :grey: DNS-only? If I only using Cloudflare as a DNS service, will Cloudflare still collect any data?

I do not want to be subjected to GDPR and any privacy laws, so I am trying my best to avoid collecting any data from any of the services I using from the website.