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Hello, I was testing the free version of Cloudflare DNS for a couple of days and it seemed to work better, so I hired the PRO version, but I don’t think I just configured it correctly, since the “CORE VITALS” parameters in “Google search console” are getting worse.

My website works under the Wordpress CMS and with the “WP Fastest Cache” cache plugin in its premium version. The configuration I currently have is this:

On the other hand, I also have a problem with an increase in “(none)” traffic in Google Analytics, organic traffic has dropped and has been categorized as “(none)” traffic. “Direct traffic” has been as a result of activating the PRO version of Cloudflare. Anyone knows how to solve this?

I also attach the Cloudflare diagnosis:

Thank you for your attention

In the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center, it tells me everything is correct except the following:

  • Check DNSSEC configuration: Error Found
  • Check DS record configuration: Error Found

To configure DNSSEC in my domain, I can’t know what data to fill in, I have contacted my domain provider, but they don’t know how to tell me either.

The option “Type of summary” has a drop-down with 2 options:
• 1
• 2

In the option “Summary” I do not know what to put in the part of the Cloudflare DS record.

Hello again,

I contacted Godaddy and they do not offer me a solution, they tell me, that it is in Cloudflare where they should tell me what to go in each box …

I looked at this yesterday, but I don’t know the direct translations for those fields. Would it be possible to switch those screens to English and re-post the images?

It’s my guess that Tipo de Resumen should be SHA256, and Resumen should be the long set of characters from Compendio.

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Hi sdayman,

Now it is clearer, the only doubt is the option “Digest Type-2” in Cloudflare the option is SHA256 but in Godaddy the options are: “1” or “2”. Could it be the “2” in “Digest Type-2”?

Digest Type 2 would be worth a try. Cloudflare should let you know if it’s correct or not once you activate it.

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Perfect! I have configured it with option 2 and now the diagnostic center marks everything as “Looking Good”, I will let a few days pass to see if the traffic “None (not secure)” decreases again and reaches its normal state.

Finally, I would like to know if this analysis is correct or there is something that I should improve.

Thank you so much for help me

DNSVIZ looks like it’s showing all the connections.

I find this one easier to follow:

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Issue resolved, a thousand thanks and greetings. :wink:

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