Dashboard Tutorials


Not sure what a particular setting does or where to access something? This tutorial series could be your new friend!!

I will keep this post updated with dashboard tutorials which will run through the most common tabs in the Cloudflare dashboard and some of the settings you can find there.

I will be creating these slowly over time, they won’t all be available immediately, they will all be wiki posts so other Regulars and MVPs in the community can contribute. Also, if anyone else wants to take a tab and go for it, please do!!

You can see all the dashboard tutorial posts here.

Dashboard Wiki Posts:
-The DNS Tab
-The Crypto Tab

This is a Community Tutorial , most are wiki posts, so can be contributed to by Regulars and MVPs here, you can view all the community tutorials here . If there is a tutorial you would like to see, you can request one here.

Other great resources on this community include the Community Tips . These address best practices when configuring Cloudflare, how to fix issues you may see, and tools to troubleshoot. Also you can view Expert Tips, great posts on the community that can help users with a similar issue.

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The Crypto Tab
The DNS Tab