Dashboard telling me to delete the CLOUDFLARE NAMESERVERS and replace them with the same ones

So I am new to Cloudflare, and I put the Cloudflare nameservers because it said to, but now it’s saying something very odd.

It’s saying to basically delete the cloudflare nameservers and add them again
And it’s saying that it doesn’t have Cloudflare nameservers, but it does?
Please help :frowning:

You need to delete your original nameservers that are in those list (ns1.epizy.com, ns2.epizy.com), after that you should be good and the alert/notification goes away.

Ok, but if I delete ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com then I think my site won’t work (because it said that I need to add those nameservers before I could use the domain) but I’ll try and see

Ok, so I removed ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com and added the Cloudflare nameservers only, and it worked.
my website wasn’t coming because I removed the nameservers that my hosting needs. So I added them back and…

WHAT DO I DO? This website is very important :frowning:

My DNS records in Cloudflare:

My Nameservers:

Those first two IP addresses are Cloudflare’s public IP address for your site. They are not the IP address of the server itself.

According to EPIZY, you only need one DNS record for your website. So delete anything for ‘cools.cf’ and replace it with a CNAME for @ that points to cools.cf.cdn.cloudflare.net

And delete the ‘www’ records and replace it with just one CNAME for ‘www’ that points to www.cools.cf.cdn.cloudflare.net

Oh wait nevermind…
I followed Fixing Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP and got it fixed! But my site loads slower with Cloudflare…

Wait… when I go to the ‘speed’ tab it shows the wrong page

what it is:

what it’s supposed to be

It’s not always up to date (it’s been a while since I’ve looked at mine). But there should be a “Try Again” button if you haven’t run the test a bunch of times lately.

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