Dashboard Security->Bot Internal Server Error (Code: 10000)

I see this has happened here for people and seems to be need some interaction with tech support.

I have been trying to activate bot detection and get this. I even tried upgrading to Business last week thinking it might just be a plan thing, but still got the error. Now downgraded again but error still happening.

I have an inline ad to activate that part of the system , but when I got to the page “…/security/bots/configure” or try and do anything on it, it shows this error.

Or manually, Security->Bots and click “Configure Super Bot Fight Mode”

Hi @cdm

I can see in your WAF dashboard that you are still on the old WAF rules. The system has not been able to upgrade you to the new custom firewall rules, because your WAF rule no. 4 is using an expression that is not allowed on your plan.

Try and change this expression or delete the rule. When this is done, the system should start the migration to the new custom firewall rules and then you should not see the 10000 error any more.

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