Dashboard returning "Registrar not enabled (Code: 10000)"

Hello all!

Whenever I open up the new dashboard an error popup: “Registrar not enabled (Code: 10000)” It is the same for all the domains in my accounts and accounts shared with me. Seems like an error on Cloudflare’s end.

I believe it’s a GUI issue I’ve experienced before - if just one of your accounts has access to registrar, all accounts will show the registrar GUI even when not all have access to it.

Hi Judge! Thank you for your help. Can you kindly elaborate though the part that one of my accounts has access to registrar?

Help anyone?

Hi @freshfish, I think the comment from @Judge got it, you have access to a complex account with access to a number of different zones, it sounds like some of those have registrar provisioned and some do not. To iron it out, you may want to login and then contact Cloudflare Customer support, include the error number for the engineer.

Awesome! Will do just that! Didn’t know that was possible. Thanks a lot got it now. Yes do have access to different accounts to my account.

Hello @freshfish, did you solve the issue with Support?

Hi @leonardo.gallego, are you seeing this error as well? If you have a ticket open, what is the number?

Hello @cloonan,
Yes, I’m seeing it as well. I thought it had something to do with one of my accounts already having access to the registrar while that same account is a member and the others don’t yet, so I came to look about it. I didn’t open a ticket yet, as it didn’t (apparently) cause any issue, I was just curious about it. You think I should open one?

Yes, @leonardo.gallego, please do open a ticket. We saw this issue a while back but I’ve not seen it recently. Please share the ticket number, I’d like to keep tabs on it.