Dashboard Not Working - Authentication Error

:bangbang:I have had two tickets open for support with no response

Ticket: #2722879
Ticket: #2723673

My entire dashboard is not working. It is displaying some authentication error ribbon at the bottom of the page. None of my websites/domains are available. I have adjustments to make on domains that are impacting service availability or functionality and NOTHING is available on my dashboard. HELP!!

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I am having trouble logging into the dashboard and accessing my account. The login works and I’m asked for my two-factor auth code. After successfully entering it, I’m able to get to the account overview.

Whenever I try to access anything, i receive a notification with either error code 10000 or error code 9109 and the action can not be executed, effectively locking me out of my account.

Does anyone know a solution to this, is my account maybe compromised?

I also cannot open a support ticket, due to the support page being blank.

Additional Info:
Domain: nsats.tech
Interest: Owner
Expected result: Can access domain and change dns entries
Actual result: Cannot access anything due to 10000 & 9109 errors

Things I tried:
Using a different browser and device: Edge Windows, Firefox Windows, Chrome Android
Reset password ( changing is working, after login same issue as before)

Screenshot of the issue:

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I have been waiting for over a week for anyone to respond to me. Exact same thing on my end. I have multiple tickets in with support and complete radio silence. Submitted a post on here and nothing again.


Could you capture a HAR and shoot it over email to me?


E-mail to walshy@… what domain?



Sometimes my e-mails go to junk. Just want to confirm you received my e-mail.

@mdzd I merged your duplicate ticket 2723673 into 2722879, duplicate tickets just slow the reply time for you and everyone else.

I looked at your account and can see the zones (domains) in it, can you also attach that HAR file to the ticket 2722879? Can you try to login from incognito mode and/or a different browser?


Duplicate was due to unawareness of the first ticket’s receipt or status and lack of response during service outage anxiety. Thank you for consolidating and for responding.

I have responded to 2722879 with the requested .har and my dashboard test results.

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It has been several weeks since I have been down and two days since you guys behaved as if you were going to provide some support. Any updates?

Same here. I understand free users are not a priority, but I would like to know if there is anything being done about the issue in the near future, or if I should move my domain off of Cloudflare if I want to make any changes to my configuration.

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Thank you for your patience in this. I have reached out to the tech that has been working with you on this ticket and we are going to be escalting the issue to our engineering team. We will update you from ticket 2722879 shortly.

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Thank you, but my issue was merged into this topic and I am unable to create a support ticket as the page to do so does not load. Is there any way to track my issue?

Sorry I missed this. I will open a separate ticket for you so that I can update you after escalating to our engineering team.


HI @fg.xperias sorry for the issue your facing, I see my colleague opened 2732354, you will have received a copy of it via email.


5 posts were split to a new topic: Authentication error (Code: 10000) on new accounts

This is a different issue.

My dashboard is finally functional again. :white_check_mark:

I made no change personally to establish a resolution. My case was escalated to the internal team, and Cloudflare had to resolve the matter on their end. I received notice from Cloudflare on resolution, and my dashboard is now accessible again.