Dashboard login page blank

My dashboard page is coming up blank when I try to log in. It behaved normally yesterday (U.S. Eastern Time), and I notice from Cloudflarestatus that Dashboard maintenance was performed since then. Now the frame starts to load but then the whole window goes blank. I’ve made no changes to my browser since yesterday. Is anyone else having this problem? Thank you.

Hi @jim28,

I am not seeing any issues here, can you try logging in from incognito/private window (or with all extensions disabled), and if that doesn’t work, try in a different browser? What browser are you using?

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Thank you for the quick response. Per your suggestion, I was able just now to log in using a clean profile and private window. I am on Firefox, with Ghostery, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, and uBlock in my normal profile.

No problem! It sounds like an extension causing the issue. Are you able to disable them one by one (or enable one by one on your clean profile) to see what is causing the issue?

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Just did so, to no response until I cleared my cache. It’s working now, even with the add-ons reactivated. Not sure anything I did helped, but it’s working now, so thank you!


No problem, glad you got it sorted… even if you didn’t find the root cause!

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