Dashboard having issues

The Dashboard seems to be having MAJOR issues on my end. The pages aren’t updating anything, I can’t log in or out, and everything is throwing error messages left and right. I think someone must have been having too good of a Christmas party at the Cloudflare office and spilled some egg nog on one of their servers.

Edit: Yep. Too much egg nog.

"The Cloudflare Dashboard is temporarily unavailable.

Please reload this page to try again. If the issue persists, please visit the Cloudflare Status page for up-to-date information regarding any ongoing issues."

Funny part is, there are no issues reported on the status website. :laughing:

Hi @sugajack2004,

Are you still seeing this? It’s all working fine for me. Can you check in a private window and see if you still have the same issue?

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It’s still an issue in both window types, (normal and private).

Edit: From what I’m seeing, it seems to be a 403 issue with the v4 API. The earlier errors I received when I was able to access the dashboard referenced this, and upon inspecting the “dashboard is unavailable” page, Google Chrome’s console is also reporting page errors relating to the v4 API. If no one else is seeing it, my guess is that it is a regional problem.

That’s odd. Yes, I imagine it must be a local issue either on your network or location. It would be unusual not to have more reports here if it was widespread.

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Seems to be okay now.

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I am still facing the issue, but only when connected over wifi. If I shift to mobile network it works fine. Weird but annoying to keep switching the networks