Dashboard getting more and more sluggish


Warning, this is a bit of a rant about the Cloudflare dashboard.

While there have been cosmetic and layout updates, my main experience with the Cloudflare dashboards is that it becomes slower and more sluggish with every iteration.
The DNS records for instance is one aspect I have been using for years (about 10 years), initially the UI was snappy, and entering anything in the “search DNS records” filter was interactive. Now it takes several seconds to load, and filtering takes several secondes as well, even when there just a few entries there. These days using the Cloudflare dashboard is a chore.

Any chance to prioritize some love for the dashboard ?

I am doing this feedback as after an unintentional zone id change, I suddenly realized I have now a significant collections of Cloudflare API scripts I use for common tasks, which I just did not need a few years ago as everything could be done directly from the UI, rather than command line.