Dashboard froze

Hello. I’m having redirect issues for my site and thinking that turning off “Always use HTTPS” in cloudflare will help. But everytime I open “Edge certificates” section in “SSL/TLS”, entire browser tab froze and I can’t turn “Always use HTTPS” off.

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I face the same issue on android but i ignored thinking my browser is doing something, but when i visit the edge certificate then all dashboard froze

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This should definitely help, please watch this video

I just tested to see if there’s a dashboard problem, and I was able to get to my Edge Certs page. Have you tried Incognito mode, or a different browser/device?

@sdayman Same issue with incognito mode but issue goes away when using desktop mode in android, i have been facing this issue from quiet a long time

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Same issue in incognito, on firefox I got this:

Did you use android device? I even tested with different device and same account and still face the issue. @sdayman if possible please forward to the relevant team to look up on this matter

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I even tried with Microsoft edge on android and the issue still exist, edge certificate completely froze my browser

Issue still exist :disappointed:

Yup the issue is on android devices only, as I try on Opera in Windows 7 machine, it works just fine. But I’ll be happy if it’s fixed for android devices too.