Dashboard failing to re-add renewed domain

Hi community,

One of our domains “ecol.co.ua” expired and Cloudflare kicked it off the dashboard. Now when the domain is renewed and active for a few days, Cloudflare still thinks it’s expired and rejects it to be added back with error “ecol.co.ua is not a registered domain”.

Please help to identify if it’s a Cloudflare’s bug on hard caching fact of domain expiration and whether anything is doable from user side.

Issue ticket number 2333198, however it’s automatically closed because account is on free tier.

Hello @user4215 ,

Thank you for your ticket number.

I have escalated it and you should expect the answer to it.

If your domain expired on 23rd of November as it states by the WHOIS:
Expires on 2023-11-23

And it was updated on 10th of December 2021, I believe the nameservers were reset or removed.

I could only fetch up he old ones if they are the ones which were used back then?:


Helpful article:

May I suggest you to see below post:

Furthermore, if you can manage it, you could try to move to a different DNS provider prior to adding your domain name back to your Cloudflare account.
It cannot have the “old CF nameservers”, change them, thereafter re-add after you receive “new one” in the process.

It has to resolve to somewhere, something before you can add it.

Do you still see it in your Cloudflare dashboard or it was removed?

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