Dashboard domain status moved problem

Suddenly in the Dashboard, 2 of my domains appeared with status “moved”.
Someone, who was not me, changed both dns. How can this happen? Some explanation?
Domain are:


This has already happened to someone?

Thank you,


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear this.

Kindly, I’d suggest you and may I ask you to log into Cloudflare Dashboard using your associated Cloudflare account and navigate to the Audit Log (click on this link here) to double-check for the past events who else might have access and could or has done something like you are describing. :thinking:

Furthermore, may I ask if you are using some 3rd-party service provider who might have the access via your e-mail/API key maybe? :thinking:

Otherwise, have you got some other members with “Administrator” privileges added under your Cloudflare account? :thinking:

The two name servers WHOIS shows for both of those domains are Drew and Iris.

Are those the ones that show up near the bottom of the DNS pages for your domains?

If the two name servers at your domain registrar do not match the ones on your account, Cloudflare will treat them as Moved, as they no longer point to your account.

Hello, thank you 4 your response.
No, I am the only user in this all account.
Yes. Both domains are with Cloudflares DNS correctly pointed. I don’t understand.

Thank you


I am the only user to administrate the entire account.
I found in audit this text:
Zone moved by user "Account and a long audit record number as reference.
I will move domain musicaparaelalma-org only now, cause many people cant see it. DNS are still pointed,both, to Cloudflare DNS.

Sorry, from audit, domain is ACCOUNT, not user.

Also now, with proper DNS pointing to drew and iris, domain vivacom.com.ar which is one of the domains “moved” is not working. You can try for yourself.

“We can’t connect to the server at vivacom.com.ar.”


It displays “Su sitio web aun no posee certificado SSL” (Your website does not yet have an SSL certificate) when I visit.

You should be able to fix that by installing a certificate from either a valid certificate authority or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on your origin server.

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Thank you but the problem was some DNS records like A etc missing in configuration. Nos is working fine.

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