Dashboard DNS records not loading

For past 3 days when i try to view DNS records through cloudflare dashboard - it doesn’t work (many browsers, thus not cache-specific on our end). on website>dns>records page, the dns section does not load any records, even though they should be there, and DNS is functioning. At the bottom of the page it shows an error:
API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/XXXXXXXX/dns_records (500)
I’ve hidden XXXXX bit, as it seems like a unique ID of our website/dns zone id, so that other community members won’t be able to see sensitive data like this.
If i check network tab - the request for the DNS section is there with response code 500 too, the query ends in the: “dns_records?per_page=50” - thus it’s the DNS query of the front-end of cloudflare dashboard. and the response is: “Internal Server Error”.

So it clearly looks like there’s some issue with the cloudflare dashboard, where something looks broken on your end.

I haven’t logged in for a while, dns was unchanged for years really, and client has requested to do some amends - i’m unable to, as current DNS simply don’t load - and I don’t want to break anything, when it’s in such state in the dashboard. How long the issue is there - i’m not sure, but i do have it for past 3 days approx, all the time that i was checking, but it’s still the same even today.

I’ve escalated your issue.

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Hi there,

Do you have ticket number for this case?
If not, can you submit the ticket from the dashboard and share the ticket number in this ticket?

When you submit the ticket, it would be very helpful if you can share the screenshot of the error message and HAR file demonstrating the issue.

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Hi @underscore I created a ticket 3087167 on your behalf. Sorry for the issues. Can you attach a HAR file & screenshot of the error to that ticket? You can reply to the email copy of the ticket you received.

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