Dashboard button "Request review" issue

I can’t send Site review request after my site was hacked and defaced. A couple of days without solution. I send 3 tickets, but due CloudFlare Support portal issues I can’t see replies.

This was described earlier 5 months ago and has not been fixed yet.

Looks like support and stable work was guaranteed only for Enterprise customers. I don’t understand why they don’t solve these issues.

Hi @m31,

Multiple tickets just slow down the process. Can you share the ticket numbers you received in the auto replies?

Multiple tickets sent because after I created ticket and click to link with ticket number, I see 404 error like ticket did not created. This is because I can’t login to support.cloudflare.com, but received email Ticket Created after some time.

After 5 days, no one from CloudFlare replied. I need to create thread here, but issue still do not resolved.

Looks like there are some issues with CloudFlare dashboard and support portal which affect many users and which they cannot solve. Some of them have been waiting for 5 months, because issue still exist.

I do not understand why their portal does not work correctly in some cases and why they are not responding to me so long. If you have something to say, try to be helpful to another users to force CloudFlare fix this issues as soon as possible.

[Cloudflare Support] 2203215 - Can’t reach support

Received reply today that ALL my tickets merged to one, - this is my email notifications.
Still without any reply from real people. This is not something that might worry them at the moment.

This happened after I tried to request review

And this, after I try to reach REAL SUPPORT

I can easily find another provider and don’t waste my time, but if you love feedback you should be responsible.

The community cannot assist with your issue. If your tickets have been merged, there is clearly activity there. I don’t work for Cloudflare and you don’t seem to want to engage on this, so I’m closing this topic, please continue in your support ticket.

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