Dashboard/api purge by URL not working for mobile devices / APO related?


I’m using APO with cache by device type, on Pro plan.

Since Oct 19, purging cache by URL from dashboard/api is not working for mobile devices anymore (it does work for desktop).

I was purging by URL with my own plugin (api calls, one url by call, no array) because APO was not purging cache for mobile device (bug fixed last week), and because I need to purge category/tag/author pages, and because I use ?amp for AMP pages (with cache everything rule).

Installing Cloudflare’s Wordpress plugin helped a little (but it was working fine before without that plugin) : my front page is now updated on mobile but I still can’t purge mobile cache with dashboard/api. Disabling my own plugin does not help.

Any ideas ?

Thank you for any help on this issue !
(I can share my url in PM)

Purge everything does not help. Custom purge still not working for mobile devices.

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