Dash keeps overruling my language choice

My browser is in pt-br but I like CF in english, due to the technical terms, which are easier to understand in english. Everytime I login, it resets back to pt-br. Then I change and it resets back.

That seems more like the pt-br browser setting is overriding the dash setting of English. I guess/think you could test that by setting the browser to not English and not pt-br to see if the dash displays in that browser default.

That doesn’t make sense. The Dash should prioritize the user chosen language no matter what language is the browser or the location/locale.

I think I know what is going on. When I go to “cloudflare.com” directly or from google, it redirects me to cloudflare .com/pt-br/, and then if I go to the dash login from there, it overrules the language I’ve chosen.

I tried setting the browser to spanish and german, and it doesn’t redirect to the language page. It keeps on “cloudflare.com”, hence it doesn’t happen with those languages.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set browser language to PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
  2. Login to dash and set it to any language other than PT-BR.
  3. Go to https://cloudflare.com and click “Login”

It should immediately change the language to pt-br. You don’t even need to log in again.
I’ve recorded it: CF Dash Language Bug.mp4 - Google Drive

@cloonan can you help me out?