Dash.cloudflare.com unavailable. Javascript error

I’m seeing this javascript error on Safari, when trying to access dash.cloudflare.com, halting the execution and leaving me with a spinner.

I’ve tried to tell Cloudflare, via mail (I’m turned away because I’m on the wrong plan), the ticket system (I’m turned away because I have the wrong plan) and facebook (just got a bot and a link to the ticket system). So being the good netizen, here is my final attempt at letting Cloudflare know.

Check cloudflarestatus.com for any outages involving the dashboard

Seems this is the same frontend bug, I’ve mentioned here. Unfortunately, I’ve found this topic before I created my own one. The browser is different, the javascript error is similar (not same), this bug appeared when they applied some update between September 12th and 16th.

Which version of Safari are you using? With Safari 14.1.2 on Big Sur, I can get in, even with my Yubikey.

m1114 had reported the same problem as me. Frontend developers used some piece of javascript code that is completely unsupported by old web browsers