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Hello every body…

I ve got a free plan for a while now and i’d like to renew my certificate with letencrypt but “hélas” it does not works and i d like to make some change with my DNS config.

But dashboard is weird : I can’t see my DNS set up unless i export a file txt “dns record” I don’t see any clouds.

I wonder if my account is corrupt. If i want to use cloudflare certification instead of letencrypt how can i do ? One of my AAAA record is wrong how replace it ?
When i try an other brownser i can’t log to my account…weird

What do you think ? (may be i 'm weird)

It sounds like your domain’s DNS is managed by your web host. You didn’t post a domain name, so we can’t offer much support.

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Thank you for you’re reply;

My config : Freenom , ubuntu server (root access),_montech.tk

Your site is using Cloudflare name servers, so you should have access to your DNS records. And your site is not proxied by Cloudflare, but does load with a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate.

My domain is IP protect so what you get is normal .
I agree with all you said. Let have a look at https://check-your-website.server-daten.de and you’ll see how my site is in bad shape without saying my let’s encrypt certificate ll be down pretty soon.

For example i can export my DNS settings :
;; AAAA Records
__montech.tk. 1 IN AAAA 185.yyy.xx.209
__montech.tk. 1 IN AAAA 185.yyyy.xx.8
but i cannot remove the wrong record !


Eureka ! J’ai trouvé ! :smiley:

Problem comes from my Keepass extension (plugin firefox) !

Just do :

and i get my clouds back ! ( but sun is shinning !)

Thank you for trying to help or reading me.

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