Dark themed dashboard

Could a dark themed dashboard please be added? I’ve tried to make one via Stylus, but its kinda hard to keep it working when the classes change every time you refresh the page. Like I’ll use one class for the popups, then refresh the page and find out the class has now moved to the buttons and is making them light themed. I also have to keep updating the classes for the speed test images and etc, because they change every time I view the page. Or the status svg on the crypto page, which until I fix it every time looks like its red instead of green.

I like the idea. I’m a big fan of dark mode, as it alleviates the strain on our eyes for having to look all day long at light-emitting surfaces, such as computer monitors, tablets and cell phone displays etc.

I suggest you change the category of your thread, from Feedback to Feedback > Product Requests, so that users can vote on it.


Ah, tho when I try to do that I get an error message saying This topic has tags not allowed by this category: ''

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In that case, I believe @cloonan is the right person to help you with changing categories when he sees this topic.


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