Dark Mode for Workers Quick Edit

Hi wonderful Cloudflare folks,

I was trying out the new dark mode appearance beta and noticed that some UI elements remain light in the Workers Quick Edit interface, even with dark mode enabled. Seems like a bug and an easy opportunity for a better experience, so I figured you’d want a heads up!

More concretely, I’d changed the appearance settings it to “Use system setting” (a good eventual default?) and then was seeing that the worker selected bar over the VSCode editor and the unselected tabs of the [HTTP, Preview, Schedule, Developer with Wrangler CLI] bar were still white. Might also make sense to automatically set VSCode’s theme settings to match the appearance setting.

Thanks so much for all you do and for building such a great platform!

(Looks like the non-VSCode went away on a manual refresh.)

That may partially solve it, but I think still a bug well worth fixing!
(Is there a way to reopen & unlock, undoing the actions of whoever marked the issue as solved when it isn’t really?)

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