Dangling 'A' Record detected when the same IP used in multiple subdomains that we own

We are seeing “Dangling ‘A’ Record detected” errors for all subdomains that are setup under both our “.com” and “.net” TLDs (we have both domains on Cloudflare).

This means that the part “We have detected other hostnames that resolve to this IP address.” is correct, however, this should probably not be flagged if other hostnames are also setup under the same Cloudflare account.

Is this something that can be changed in the future to not popup if all the detected hostnames belong to the same Cloudflare account (or maybe degraded from “moderate” to “low” in these cases)?


I just ran into this myself. There’s no official response but it seems like other users have the same issue and are just saying to archive the alerts since they are false positives

Also, I use RFC5737 addresses for originless sites. The security center should not flag these as insecure either.

Also RFC3849.

Also RFC6666.