Dangerous vulnerability XSS in CloudFlare since 2019

я очень переживаю за своим сайты, когда узнал о том что есть опасность взлома XSS на CloudFlare
жду ответа от представителей

Hi there,

This is Tom, a Technical Support Engineer here at Cloudflare.

Thanks for sharing this with us. If you think that you’ve found a potential security vulnerability, please share it with us via https://hackerone.com/cloudflare and we’ll get this addressed as fast as possible.

Even though we have some protections in place, it’s difficult to implement strict rulesets without breaking a majority of websites. Therefore, we still recommend to implement XSS protections on your site’s level. As XSS is an issue that could “only” affect website visitors, all server-related security features (for example DDoS protection, WAF, etc.) will remain fully intact and secure.

Hope that helps.


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