Dangerous Content Warning when Installing Apps

Hi, I am trying to quickly install Welcome Bar App from Apps section, but Microsoft Edge is not loading the preview pane and is marking the content as dangerous.
I tried it for multiple domains in my account but I get the same error. My domains are not marked dangerous. Rather, the domains following the pattern https://362b70b8-1c05-4d24-998e-2a60d9e21089_h_deardost_com.p.cloudflare.works/ are marked dangerous by the Edge Browser.

Here is an image of the following error:

As the content, according to the screenshot, has been blocked by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, … it would be an issue you would need to raise with them, and not with Cloudflare.

Have you asked them what they have to say about the issue?

Your screenshot shows a custom domain, but you’re also indicating shared domains…

Leaning on shared domains for content is strongly discouraged, as it may from time to time cause issues like this.

If you do so, move the content to one of your own domains.