Daily Web Analytics Email Alert

Hi Team,

I want to receive email alerts of daily web analytic reports. I have created a notification also. But The emails have not been received yet. Can you please suggest anything I miss? The test email is working fine. But I can not receive any other email.

I see an email sent 2023-11-06, did you receive that?

Yes, I received this email. But as I informed, I received a test email only. But I want to receive daily alerts and alert emails are not receiving them.

Web analytics notifications are weekly.

I have configured this 3 weeks ago. And yet not received any email.


I see an email for analytics being sent out on 11/6 we confirmed delivery of this email. Can you verify this it not within your SPAM folder? Subject line is “Cloudflare Web Analytics”.


I received these emails in my Inbox. I am using Microsoft 365. Whenever I send a test email from Cloudflare, It is received in my inbox folder.