Daily Popups on iPad with Cloudflare as Nameserver

I visit complaintsboard dot com daily via iPad. No exploits or viruses on it. Every popup (which are blocked) is to various domains that are registered with PDR? Nameservers are with y’all.

It greets me with, “Hi, Charter Communications user” and I’m not using Charter.

Offhand I’m thinking of bestrewardscreditcards.today and .ooo domains.

To whom do I email the urls that are being spammed?

If that’s your domain, see if you can track down what’s going on.

If it’s not your domain, contact the domain owner and let them know.

Looks like that website uses a lot of ad systems (about 36), so any one of them could be serving a malicious ad to users. As @sdayman said, you should let the domain owner know. Looks like they have a support center at https://www.complaintsboard.com/tickets/