D1 Support for Virtual Tables

I assume D1 is already pre-compiled with FTS5 but when I tried to create a virtual table with the statement below, I could not:

CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE myTable USING FTS5(columnOne, columnTwo);

My question is: Does or will D1 support virtual table for FULL-TEXT search.

Although there’s no documentation about FTS on D1 docs but the D1 home page says it supports FTS. Also I tried the following in the D1 console input box and it worked:

CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE files_fts USING fts5(name, publisher);

Thanks for the response.

It looks like the FTS5 is case sensitive on D1. On Sqlite3 it is not.

When I tried with the lower case (fts5), it works on D1. With upper case is says not authorized.

Once again. Thanks.

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