D1 database is crashed

My D1 database is suddenly crashed.
And it is not recovered.
In D1 tab, there is a message “Failed to reach database. Please try again later”.

What’s going on?

Sorry for the troubles.

Can you please share your account ID, and database name/ID so we can escalate this for you?

My account ID is “d98867d33572aa02af4a643bc5df2398”, DB name is “zerochedge-d1”, and Database ID is “9daf08d0-e0c2-4a76-9316-8cc64acc9aea”

Thanks. cc @msilverlock

We’re taking a look. Have you attempted to use Time Travel to restore the database to a point in time just before this started? Time Travel and backups · Cloudflare D1 docs

I execute a command npx wrangler d1 time-travel info zerochedge-d1, but error occurred that " Internal error: failed to get DB size and num_tables [code: 7500]".

We’re now seeing this recover: we saw a small number of databases fail to load, coinciding with a recent release.

Let me know if you still have issues.

Thanks!, my DB is recovered!

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