D1 and DBeaver (or apps alike)

How do you guys visualize your data on D1 apart from the view on the account dashboard? I’m asking because I’m running a local dev version with miniflare and sometimes I just don’t know what I have in the DB anymore. For now I have to run wrangler exec --local --file=statements.sql and keep doing manual selects to inspect what’s inside but I think it must be a better way to do this.

Thanks in advance. Cheers!!

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The DBeaver github has this open feature request from April 2024 about adding D1 support.

The response seems pretty positive so hopefully we see it implemented soon.

We’ve made a phpMyAdmin like web interface for D1 which you can check at https://d1admin.com

Screenshot below:



I know this is pretty late reply but for anyone coming to this, you can use https://dbgate.org/
just add a new connection > select sqlite and it will ask you to provide the path to the sqlite file.
if you are running locally you can locate in the .wrangler/state/v3/d1/miniflare-D1DatabaseObject
select the file with extension .sqlite
this will then auto populate the tables for you.