D1 100mb is small. upgrade to 10G or more?

We are currently developing an ecommerce platform.
100mb is too small. Is it possible to upgrade to 10G?

What are the official release plans?
Can I see the roadmap?

I am really looking forward to D1.



It will take a lot of time I guess. I too want the same thing but the product is in alpha and there will be many changes in time. So I guess you will have to wait for a beta release.

I thought I heard the CEO was looking for solutions that use 100% Cloudflare services. I am attempting to do that; however, the 100MB database is not viable. We need Cloudflare to address this post and give those of us using 100% Cloudfare services guidance on the best tool to use for ecommerce and/or inventory like data. My project will not go live until after D1 is released most likely; however, we really need to understand what database sizes and costs will look like.

Or does Cloudflare recommend we use durable objects, KV, or a 3rd party database on the cloud?

So far, I have everything else working on Cloudflare.