DΝS records


Anyone can tell me if my DNS settings is correct or not?

Need to delete or add something?

Another problem i have, at Cloudflare speed test i have that error:

Test failed

teokanistras.gr/ does not point to an HTML page.
Check your URL is correct before you run another test.

They look fine to me, you should delete the image btw, it’s showing your origin ip.

It passed the speed test here, https://www.webpagetest.org/

If you continue to have issues with the dash speed app, capture a screen shot and attach here.

This tip is a bit older as most of the issues describe have been fixed, but it may give some ideas on how to get speed test working. Disable any browser extensions and try incognito mode as well. Community Tip - Fixing "The Speed test could not run"

Thanks for your answer.

Can’t delete only the image, i delete my topic.

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I removed it

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