Cut off, half pages randomly

For last 3 days some of my pages loads half. But it is normal for %98 %99 times , it can be seen 1 in 100 try. It doesnt cut from the same point, it changes for every time if it cuts. It can cut page to half in middle of a html component or a word or anything else randomly. It deletes always beginnig of website, head and big part of body, then sends remaining bottom part always if it cuts. Never deletes bottom. There were no problem before. Now it always deletes from first half of php page and sends the remain part. I didnt realise jpg,js,css files but php files. I am trying different ways to understand what is the problem but It occurs randomly so hard to catch it. But i read some comments here before 1 year and this year that people had problems like that on cloudflare

  • I dont know if cloudflare caches php files. i purged like that domaincom/index.php*
  • i changed to development mode , i will see if it changes anything.
  • i changed ssl full and flexible
  • i dont want to close cloudflare to test it

I thought first that problem was the server so i added ob_start and save pages for all requests into files like a cache before sending from server. And i see that pages are build from php normally. So i think there are two possibilities, lightspeed may send half or cloudflare cuts.

One of my php page is 1.5MB size, it is more frequent used and cuts more. I dont know if it occurs because of size or usage frequency.

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