Customize the error page - Class Errors 1005 - 1007




I try to make a custom page for errors 1005 and 1007

Apparently the page goes according to plan, but only in preview, because in an live site, it still shows the default error -
This is the error blocking the IP that a phishing page uses to connect to my website.

It is clear that I want a personalized 1005 and 1007 pages to inform users who are on a fake page.

Can someone help?


So basically the .net site is proxying your .me site and right now you have blocked their IP (185.63.xxxx) but would also like to display a customised error page, poining to your actual domain, right?

I presume you followed and you - sorry, possibly stupid question, did hit the “Publish” button, correct?


Yes, I have hit the Publish button -


Considering you are on a paid plan anyhow I’d simply open a support ticket.


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