Customization in Page rules

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There is no way to implement a complex regex to page rules and bring down the count of page rules. There should be a way to a smart way to select page rules , something like for a workflow . Lets take an example , suppose I have a url

And these are url/expressions for me -

  • /*

  • /foo

  • /foo/items

  • /bar/cat/1/4/1789

Now I should have a capability to have a single rule for and inside the rule a way to define workflow to define the way I want to cache the above urls. In that I will be able to remove all the clutter of the page rules and avoid maybe repeating a same page url.

Hi @rajdeep.bhattacharya,

Page Rules cannot repeat the same page URL, it will generate error msgs when you try saving it and the rule won’t be saved.

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