Customised URL for WordPress Login from Whitelisted IPs

I have setup a new account for 2 domains, although these domains both point to 1 website.

We are wanting to ONLY allow access to specific pages on the site from IP addresses that we whitelist, for example we only want whistlists IPs to be able to login to wordpress

How can we do that?

Hi @tbolot,

You can create an Access Policy (Dashboard > Access) for /wp-login.php with a bypass rule for the selected IPs. Access is billed on the number of users/month (up to 5 users are free)

EDITED. SIMPLER SOLUTION: Alternatively, you can create one Firewall Rule to block anyone not coming from the IPs you want.

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I like Access because the Bypass rule is free, no matter how many IP addresses you set. They only start charging for users if you’re using Access login methods such as SSO or Email verification.

Firewall Rule is also handy, but doesn’t offer a workaround if your IP address changes or you’re on travel. Access lets you set up an Allow rule for specific email addresses. As long as that’s 5 or fewer users, then it’s free.

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