Customers having IP geolocation issues

So, I frankly am disappointed in cloudfare. I am an ISP owner, I have customers telling me they are being blocked by cloudfare to websites. I don’t use cloudfare myself. We have updated maxmind, and every other geolocation service we can find. Months ago…

I’m here to ask someone, anyone, to test this IP on their servers, and see what is says for geocoding.
Maxmind says it’s in country of USA… I suspect something some where is saying it’s still Russian… If it is, It’s a problem for us. And I hope someone could ask Cloudfare to fix that…

Can anyone help please??

Cloudflare Radar says it is USA:

Cloudflare provides a set of security and performance tools for website operators to use. Only the website operator will know what rules they have in place to allow and/or block particular traffic.

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