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Why are you not reply me on support ticket? Why only bot can response us and after few hours bot reply us that your support ticket is marked a resolve. Why are you guys reply me by a real person? I have mailed many times but nobody can response me.

Hi @a.raheem97,

Please read the autoresponse, it should explain why the ticket was closed. It may indicate that you need to reply if the bot response doesn’t answer your question.

The community don’t have access to your account or any support tickets.


But auto replied did’nt fix my routing issue on DNS.

Covers what to do about routing issues.

I see you have already opened a thread at Routing Issue in Pakistan 🇵🇰, you may want to follow the steps in the linked post above.

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But how can i use this network tool?

I guess you are referring to the traceroutes, these can be run in the terminal/command prompt on your device with the commands mentioned in that article.

Both and are working for me but the only issue is routing. Before that i was connected from EUROPE and after cloudflare changed their routing so now i’m connected to OMAN servers on other domains except the one that i using everyday.

Not all sites are advertised from all datacenters. Enterprise customers will generally be advertised from the most complete set of available datacenters.

Do u have facility to change it manually?

Can i contact ISP?

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